Looking for a drug rehab solution in Newton, Massachusetts? There are a number of factors you might want to consider for your rehab solution.

Get Out Of Newton—And Get Away From Temptation

There are likely a number of factors that contributed to your addiction, and many of them are probably located in Newton. By getting out of the area for your drug rehab, you’ll discover that you’re better able to focus on your recovery. You’ll remove familiar triggers, break out of your normal routine, and find yourself better able to kick the addiction and return to a better way of life.

Will Insurance Cover Drug Rehab? drug rehab

The out-of-pocket costs for rehab can be high. Thankfully, your insurance will often pay for part or all of the cost of rehab. You don’t have to weave through the complexities of insurance and other issues on your own. New England Recovery Center in Westborough is here to help! Contact us today for an estimate of how much your insurance will put toward your rehab costs.

The Addiction Doesn’t Matter

The caring, compassionate doctors and staff at New England Recovery Center will help you through the process of rehabilitating from whatever drug addiction you’ve experienced. Alcohol, heroin, prescription painkillers, marijuana, cocaine, Adderall and other “study drugs,” methamphetamine, and MDMA are all drug addictions that we’re prepared to help you conquer. Whether you’re struggling with an addiction due to a prior injury or fighting an addiction to an illegal substance, we’re standing by to help.

We Keep It Personal

When you’re struggling with addiction, you don’t need a one-size-fits-all treatment. You need a treatment plan that’s as individualized as we are. At New England Recovery Center, you’ll work with trained therapists and other professionals who will get to know you personally. They’ll call you by name, not just note your case number—and in many cases, that’s the difference between a full recovery and a fall straight back into your old life.

You Can Take Charge of Your Life

It doesn’t take long for an addiction to feel as though it has spiraled out of control. When you call our drug rehab facility, we’ll get you out of Newton and provide you with the tools that you’ll need to take charge of your life again. You can change your life forever with one simple phone call. It all starts now. Call us today to talk to a life professional who can get you started with the process of reclaiming your life from addiction.