Vermont Rehab Center

Vermont’s use of illicit drugs is the highest in the country, with 15% of people willing to admit they’ve used in the preceding month. On the opposite end, Utah’s rate is 4.2%, according to surveys administered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Almost every type of drug is represented in the survey, from cocaine to marijuana.

Experts say the problem comes from a network of factors, including:

  • Weather
  • Politics
  • Geographical location

Sources Springing Up Daily

Vermont’s Department of Health deputy commissioner of alcohol and drug programs, Barbara Cimaglio, said that these could be highly influencing factors:

  • Income levels
  • Frigid climate
  • Access to narcotics

Cimaglio also noted that a significant chunk of the state’s drug use comes from marijuana—with about 13% of respondents having used it in the past month. When considering higher drug rates, the states with decriminalization or more relaxed attitudes toward marijuana have notably higher rates of drug use.

Out of state drug traffickers aren’t helping Vermont’s drug problem. The layout of highways and connections to big cities like Montreal, Boston, New York and Philadelphia creates a perfect configuration for traffickers, says Cimaglio. It so happens that Vermont is unavoidable on the way to some of these metropolitan areas, so trafficking happens almost as a byproduct, and Vermont is simply one stop on the line.

Trafficking Crime Accelerating

Cimaglio has also noted more drug-related burglaries, and arrests of people from out of state. An independent Vermont paper reported that big, metropolitan dealers have been trafficking large amounts of heroin through the state, since they can sell it at a higher price.

The price of heroin in small Vermont towns like Rutland, a typically $5 bag of heroin can jump in value to as much as $30. Cimaglio confirmed that Vermont’s heroin use is growing noticeably. The rise of prescription drug use has also been a steep one in the state, just like the rest of the nation.

Officials on High Alert

State officials have been tracking drug abuse patterns, and are trying to take measures that will put a  stop to the epidemic. Cimaglio assures that treatment services and law enforcement have been bolstered, and the state is addressing the problem from all angles. However, those who are affected by addiction still need to seek treatment in order to live healthy and productive lives.

With all of the environmental triggers present, how can you be sure that a Vermont rehab center is right for you? While some of them are surely better than others, chances are that your local rehab is ill-equipped to handle your situation. Perhaps they’re not fully accredited, or they don’t accept your insurance provider.

Located in Westborough, MA, the New England Recovery Center may be a better alternative to a Vermont rehab center. They are full accredited and staffed with experienced counselors who will ensure your much-needed recovery. Call them today at 855-772-1188 and start down the path to the sober life you deserve.