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the new england recovery center accepts most major insurance plans

Rehabilitation is an investment in your future. In the long run, treatment is not nearly as expensive as a drug and alcohol addiction, and the loss of personal relationships, employment and quality of life.

The prospect of paying for treatment, however, can often feel overwhelming. You’re not alone. We’re here to help. Call us today and a member of our admissions team will explain the admission process, answer your questions and discuss various payment options.

When government passed the Affordable Care Act, it made getting addiction treatment much easier. Knowing that your insurance company will now cover at least a portion of the cost of addiction treatment minimizes your financial obligation.

Verify Your Insurance Coverage and Get the Help You Need

Insurance often pays for addiction treatment, including both detoxification and inpatient rehabilitation. The New England Recovery Center partners with a variety of national providers to help finance your addiction recovery. Our experienced staff will help determine your insurance benefits.

Alternative financing options also exist including scholarships that reduce program fees based on meeting certain eligibility criteria. Other acceptable forms of payment include certified checks, cash, credit cards and wire transfers.

Call today to learn more about insurance coverage, available loan programs or scholarship eligibility.


Contact New England Recovery Center today to learn more about what health insurance plans we accept.