Upon admission, we initiate an extensive continuing care planning process which continues through discharge to ensure a seamless transition from inpatient treatment treatment to a less restrictive level of care or return to the community. 

continuing carePrior to discharge, all patients receive a personalized continuing care plan which typically includes one or more of the following:  outpatient services, medication-assisted treatment, supportive housing, community-based resources, and other levels of care based on individual needs and preferences.  This wraparound approach is based on the belief that services and supports should be flexibly arranged to meet the unique needs of patient and their families.

Our knowledgeable treatment team has many years of experience working with a variety of patients and their families regarding multiple issues involving substance abuse, mental health disorders, problematic relationships, and emotional difficulties.  The continuing care planning process takes all of these needs into consideration, adopting an individualized, strength-based, and family centered approach.

Program staff work closely with patients to identify resources in the community that will help them be successful.

In addition, we assist patients in identifying strengths, interests, and positive attributes as well as high risk situations and triggers that may jeopardize their recovery.  All of this information is factored into the continuing care plan.  Upon discharge, many patients take advantage of New England Recovery Center’s drug & alcohol treatment continuum which offers a seamless, uninterrupted transition to one of many outpatient treatment centers offering a range of counseling services, medication management and medication-assisted treatment.

In addition, New England Recovery Center in Massachusetts offers aftercare monitoring through various means including ongoing case management, appointment reminders, weekly or monthly telephone sessions, random drug testing and other support services as necessary to ensure that employers and families are confident in the ongoing recovery of their employees and loved ones.  We also design custom monitoring programs in collaboration with businesses, HR departments, EAPs, health plans, and individual families to create the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

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