Often medical detox is a necessary first step for individuals seeking addiction treatment. 

medical detoxAt New England Recovery Center, we offer patients in acute withdrawal the opportunity to complete onsite alcohol & drug detoxification prior to entering our inpatient rehabilitation program.

The New England Recovery Center is able to accommodate complex cases including high doses of opiates and benzodiazepines. Under the supervision of our Chief Medical Officer, New England Recovery Center offers 24-hour nursing and individualized detoxification protocols to ensure safe withdrawal and minimize patient discomfort.

Medical detox is a supervised withdrawal process from addictive substances, under the monitored care of a licensed physician. Prolonged use of drugs and alcohol can cause physical dependence over time. When you stop using these substances, the result can be withdrawal symptoms which are often unpleasant. A supervised medical detox is implemented to address the immediate physical effects of ceasing drug consumption, and to flush any toxins left behind in the body as a byproduct of the chemical compounds which are found in alcohol and drugs.

Medical Detoxification – The Best Choice When You Are Ready To Start Recovery

To safely initiate the withdrawal process from most addictive substances, it is preferable (and sometimes necessary) to receive a supervised medical detox in an inpatient treatment center which contains a dedicated unit for detox. This course of action is recommended for patients who have been using heavily for an extended period of time. These patients are more likely to experience the strongest withdrawal symptoms.

For patients with other related or serious health problems, this course of action is also recommended. Inpatient medical detox provides a closely monitored environment during the process. Certain types of medication can also be provided to alleviate some of the more severe withdrawal symptoms. The medical detox process involves a gradual reduction of doses of a drug that is designed to mimic some of the effects of the original drug of abuse. This is used to alleviate some of the withdrawal symptoms experienced by the patient.

During drug and alcohol detox, our interdisciplinary team helps prepare patients for the next step in their recovery journey.

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