Our outpatient counseling program serves adults and adolescents with substance use and mental health disorders. 

outpatient treatmentCounselors begin by engaging each patient in order to build trust, acceptance and mutual respect. Individual, family and group counseling are provided at a variety of locations.  Active treatment helps patients acquire the skills needed for recovery. Relapse prevention training, comprehensive continuing care planning and access to community resources help facilitate sustained recovery following discharge.

We also offer an intensive outpatient treatment program at several of our outpatient treatment centers.

This more intensive program involves two group sessions and one brief individual session each day, in addition to family groups and more in depth individual sessions on a weekly basis.  The duration of the program is a minimum of three weeks.

Medication-assisted treatment, including methadone Vivitrol® and Suboxone®, is available to patients with opiate additions on an outpatient basis.  All patients receive a complete medical evaluation, medical monitoring, a comprehensive clinical assessment, individualized treatment planning, daily onsite medication dispensing, educational services, and individual, group and/or family counseling. 

Same-day admission is available at all of our opiate treatment programs. 

This allows patients to complete the intake, physical exam, and toxicology requirement on the same day.  If appropriate, patients may also receive their first dose of medication. 

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